Best 6 inch pneumatics

What are the best 6 inch pneumatics on the market or like the top 3 to look at?

I have some old 6 shooters which are sweet but they dont spin true and dont feel the best at mid and high speeds

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I have trampas. But you can check out evolve, bioboards (maybe), and a few others if you search up 6 inch pneumatic wheels for esk8. That might help you out a bit. But if you’re needing a pulley kit, there’s not many that has it, so you can search 6 in pneumatic wheels with pulley. Guaranteed evolve will be first.


Those look sweet. Do they spin true? Which set of hubs to recommend? Should I go with the 2 or 2.5 wides? Composite vs aluminum? I am strictly riding street but I know that for me pneumatics is what I like for safety and comfort.

Hub motors yes. Belts, not so much.

I stopped using hub motors tbh with you. It’s better using real wheels over hubs. But if you’re referring to the hubs to put in the pulley kit, some vendors usually sells them together. Trampa and evolve definitely.

Anything that doesnt cause wheel bite on your build. Yoy may need larger trucks to fit them if you’re going larger.

I only had aluminum. So I don’t know myself.