Best All-Terrain solution?

I just wanted to get some input on what people think are the current best All-Terrain solutions for electric skateboards. I currently can’t really find any shops that are selling wheels or pulley’s for this kind of setup lately. A couple hops used to sell pneumatic wheels, but that don’t seem to be that common any more.

More importantly, I wanted to address the fact that our electric skateboards are not really meant for off-roading. The brushless motors and pulleys we typically use are very exposed, and are not very well protected from dust and debris at all.

So what I really want to know is, what do you think the best All-Terrain solution for both exposed drive-trains, and sealed drive-trains. I say both because there doesn’t seem to be many options for a sealed drive train at the moment, and having an exposed drivetrain might be the most practical.

My thinking is, hub motors are gonna be the way to go. As they are sealed off, and protect the motor from sand and debris. But other than enertion’s prototype all-terrain board, I haven’t really seen anybody else use the 8 inch hub motors. Anybody else have success with these?

And for those who have All-Terrain setups with exposed an drive train, what wheels and pulleys are you using?

Ans what do you think about these motor mounts that Trampa is offering. It claims to be the first comircially available, fully selaled off drive train. But they are pretty pricey at $300 each. That’s $600 a set.

Chain drive takes less space and tends to be more durable than belt. Also, hub motors lack the oomph of same sized motors in satellite configuration (probably fine if you start on concrete or asphalt, then go off road).

We are testing this system currently and it works very well. It went through some iterations during the last months and we will offer it in s few weeks. Although it might be not cheaper than the Trampa solution.

The motors are sensored.

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and how wide is the belt? 9,12,15, 25mm?

@elkick Nice dude, that is a sick setup.

Right now I’m leaning toward pneumatic wheels with a pulley from vex robotics. It seems like the most cost effective solution for now, as the vex pulley is really cheap. I’m also toying with the idea of using Ollin Board’s OM5065 since it is a sealed motor. My only problem with the OM5065 is it doesnt really fit well in a dual rear setup.

mountainboarding trucks tend to be a lot wider, so motor space isn’t an issue. Loads of room for the dual OM5065s on my AT build :slight_smile:

Nice! What size wheels are those?

8 inch, from MBS. They’re great, but not exactly cheap.

Just an update on the gearbox. It’s ready now finally tested. Went out in the rain again today and it’s performing great! :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention the overall weight of the Trampa setup: it’s exactly 13.3kg. Not too bad I guess for that kind of machine.

Damn that looks sick!!