Best AT tires for mixed mode riding

Hey Guys,

FNG here, I’m waiting for my parts to come in and still doing lots of reading and researching. I have a question in regards to trucks and wheels.

I picked up the Caliber 2 44 from Amazon for my dropdeck longboard. Whats the main difference between the 44 and the 50’s? Will the 44’s works fine?

Now onto the tires, i picked up these wheels:

I live in the city and from time to time will have to cross over above ground “trolley” tracks. Basically train tracks at ground level that are somewhat recessed. There’s a gap between them. I know with almost 100% certainty that regular LB wheels would get caught in the tracks. Figured the MBS would be better… i was walking around yesterday and I honestly don tthink they’re going to fair that much better. Worst case scenario, i have to carry the board across the tracks.

I really like the pneumatic tires i’ve seen on some of the more pure AT/mountainboard builds. I noticed that since they’re AT, they usually have trucks that have springs. If i’m primarily riding in the city and some light gravel trails, would using pneumatic tires on a regular truck like the calibur 2 be ok?

If not, what do you guys recommend for an “economical” AT truck setup.

EDIT: I found this kit, anyone tried it before.


The difference in 44 and 50 is the angle of the hangar from the baseplate. Both will work just fine.

Pneumatics on standard calibers won’t work well. They will wheelbite hence the narrow hangar, and it looks very weird. If you want a standard deck with pneumatics for light offroading on a budget I would buy the 218mm caliber clones from @torqueboards , and 3d print @Maxid `s hubs , or if you don’t have access to a 3d printer, get them from @marcmt88. For the wheels, they can also be bought from @trampa

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It’s all about the contact width…

I don’t have a y issue going across train tracks diagnally on MBS 100 or 107s due to the width

But if your willing to go to pneumatics and are sticking with belt drive… Physo’s six shooters are pretty nice… but you’ll need wide trucks…

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Thanks @FredrikHems i’ll check back with torqueboards, i’ve bought my motor mounts from them. may end up getting their AT package as well… DIY’ing is def not an exercise in cost savings. (nor did i expect it to be)

They don’t have a AT package, only the trucks. You`ll need to get the wheels from some others

A setup of 6"x2" pneumatic tires on TB 218mm, can be swapped to use on any street wheels (ABEC, Kegel, MBS 100)



Your tire is on the wrong way. :rofl: @marcmt88


Why to print such an important part as a wheel? If anything happens your faceplanting for sure if you are low on $ buy hypas they are like 15$ each

:man_facepalming: @Acido

I think I may go with the airless 6" for diyboards.