Best budget batteries available

Currently running 2 4ah 7s2p hoverboard batteries in parallel on my mountain board and real soon will be wanting to upgrade. The reason Im even running these is for budget reasons, the entire hover boards were 25 dollars each “needing new batteries”, they had slightly over discharged batteries that I manually boosted back up so the bms could take back over balancing. I want more amps than they can dish out and more range as well. One thing I am considering is buying 2 more identical packs and putting them in parallel along with the existing so I can double my range and double my amps. I like the hover board batteries because they’re dirt cheap, readily available from kids who haven’t rode their hover board since Christmas 2 years ago, and lastly because they have a built in bms which means even less money for me to send. Anybody recommend against using 4 hover board batteries in parallel for any particular reason?

And if theres a better option out there that wont break the bank, Im all ears. Im open to lipo’s but I like the idea of not having to take out my batteries and hook them to a lipo charger every cycle. I want to plug my charger into my board and let it do its thing. So if theres any decent bms’s out there that I can make work with RC lipos, I can handle that as well.

If you want hella cheap cells, look for the packs from batteryhookup


+100000 to this.

Sacrificing weight you can get killer deals on cells with reasonable capacity and discharge. Some work involved sometimes.

@ZachTetra dude those are cheap! thanks for the hook up!

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Has anyone used Folkbattery before? I’m looking at this: panasonic-48v-14ah-1000w-13s3p-lithium-ion-battery-pack-for-54-6v-e-bike-electric-bicycle-scooter-with-25a-discharge-bms-charger - It comes with a charger for $118 Any thoughts and will it be enough whack for a first build DIY project?

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Dead set on 13S? There are a couple new VESC 6 that supports it

Not dead set on 13S, just looking at value options…any other recommendations otherwise? Which new VESC 6 is it?

I would join the other forum. This one is garbage and abandoned.

For cheap battery options depending on where you live can’t beat

Thanks for the help. On Betteryhookup there’s this…36v 5.1ah 183.6wh SCOOTER PACK WITH BMS × 1 How much mileage and speed might one of these give me? Is it worth getting two and joining them up?

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When you join the forum not owned by someone hiding because they failed at their job and owe us lots. You will find an Esk8 calc they will answer that question.

Two of those would make a good esk8 battery though you should get 10+ miles.