Best Budget Motor Mounts

When I built my board off of this kit, I was hoping I would have to as little maintenance as possible, obviously, I knew some would need to happen, but not to the level where it is happening. It has gotten to the point where every single ride needs to be followed by a tightening session on my motor mounts. Does anyone know any somewhat cheap alternatives to my current setups motor mount, are there any systems that have trucks with motor mounts already on them? I’ve tried to research all I can but I wasnt able to find anything good.

Option 1: If you have the single piece clamp maybe @torqueboards could hook you up with the new 2 piece clamp which doesent get loose.

Option 2: Get some @Boardnamics mounts.


No you haven’t.


Question. Did you use loctite on your screws ?

Im running @boardnamics mounts no issue they are solid AF.


Get @boardnamics mounts. They are way thicker than others. The hardware is great quality and the anodized black mounts look fantastic. They are a third of the price of other brand name mounts i wont mention…


I used Loctite blue, the removable kind, I’m considering using red but I don’t want them to be impossible to replace in the future. Should I just use the red or should I buy the boardnamics? If so which ones do you reccomend?

Ok just making sure. Boardnamics is the way to go and cheap honestly.


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I had to tap extra screw holes and add extra set screws into my mount, I use blue loctite, now the mount has no problem most of the time.

Better motors, or lots of jb weld

Depends what you are looking to get out of the mount. If you are running your motors hard and slam on your accel and break like I do, then cheap mounts are gonna get destroyed. Any mount style that is not in a fixed position (like it can be rotated and then tightened down to hold it in place) has never worked for me and I tighten the shit out of them and use loctite. These mounts always seem to slide around after a few weeks and then I have to retighten them until I got sick of it an bought the updated mounts with discrete motor positions from @marcmt88.

I have spent less with him than I have with other companies because I did not have to buy (as many) replacements. I’m hard on my stuff tho.

I am out of stock for caliber clamps, but have a couple left that just have been dry mounted, looks 99% like new, if you are interested in that, just PM me.

I have a single motor setup, not double, I have already ordered the boardnamics though, thanks for the suggestion

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