🏆 Best Build of 2018! Nominations

Go track down my carbon single motor build with the vaugenhasuen I’m too lazy

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Happy New Year guys!



Worth a shot :rofl:

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It’s looks amazingly fast & stable.

I doubt I’d win, but I think my board should at least get a little bit of love

image image image image


I see someone is a fan of the devil’s lettuce :smiling_imp: :leafy_green:

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Ok sorry no build thread yet @mmaner , but my work is far from finished : I want to end this mess…

… And put everything together in métal blood around these baddies.

I’ve also prepared battery modules which @moon knows already (gonna come back at it this week bro) and after need to send some to @longhairedboy for torture.

As for the build itself, specs is :

  • 2x Escape VESC 6
  • 2x Franken DIY DD/Hubs (I summon @b264)
  • 2x 12s2p
  • 110mm wheels

List goes on. Hopefully I can make it to some races next year :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


Tell us more

Probably good to have a thread about 2019 plans :smiley:

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I will, promise ! It’s incomplete but on first pic there’s already sorta hubs mounted with the frame. 50mm motors.

Short story these wait for air cooled aluminium flange for better heat dissipation, 18awg rewinding for moar powa (instead of stock 24awg multi strands) + hybrid axial flux on top of radial flux. Moar torque per amp.


Since we aren’t voting yet, can I reiterate the first response to OP for the Thorium X4?

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Deadly build, what’s the tyre source?

Since there’s already been a few self nominations - I’d like to throw my name in the hat. Not for best build of 2018, but perhaps a contender for “best first build”, or “best novice build”.

Not a lot of experience with any of this stuff prior to this build, and managed to complete (with varied success):

  • wooden firefly remote build
  • 10s3p 30Q battery build
  • spot welder build
  • ghetto vacuum bag carbon fibre enclosure
  • custom griptape
  • carbon fibre layer on deck
  • modified caliber trucks
  • didn’t burn house down, no fried vescs, only one fried bms

All of course with the benefit of the collective wisdom of this forum. My family and friends were completely puzzled at how I might have built this thing with no one to help or instruct me other than some strangers on the internet. They all thought it must be a kitset build, or that I’m some sort of crazy genius.


Just lunyee. But would be happier with a smooth mobility scooter/wheel chair tyre for the summer.

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tbh, i think this is one of the best builds of 2018. just cause its so clean and high quality, but simultaneously it is pretty cost effective comparing it to other builds. i just love it!

i have one q, i didn’t see the modded trucks in the build thread.


Just chopped calibers to fit wheel pulley - pretty standard mod really.

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oh, i thought u meant something more complex! love the build :heart_eyes:

I vote for @Arzamenable 's 4wd overkill. Only thing left Evolve is the deck


@Scream, I had a tab open for you and @ashe as tied for best first build, no kidding - his for best process, yours for best design. Brilliant, both of you.


Oh yeah I love that build! I remember reading that thread and being blown away that it was a first build.