🥇 Best Build of 2018! (Poll)

Why? You can change to checkbox and set max # of votes.

Because there already a significant amount of votes. Changing it now would skew the results.


This board needs more votes it was my first build. image



So many great builds on that list. Feel a little sad mine didn’t make the cut, but hey ho, I’ve got a bunch of parts in my drawer, and a host of ideas to realise… Maybe 2019 will be the year :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you for nominating X6, I feel honored :blush:


That was so frigging difficult to choose…

  1. I don’t have the knowledge skills to know the nuances/problems encountered that had to be solved.
  2. So much talent skill displayed.
  3. Trying not to be bias to my favourite people and parts used.

I failed miserably…my sincere congratulations to all nominated…


There’s thousands of users on this forum, 120’ish votes. Y’all go vote, show some love.

BTW, this is going to be a yearly occurrence from now on. Next December I’m going to start a wiki thread where all the submissions will go as individual messages which will include pics and text, the poll entry will link to each message individually.

It will have the benefit of having all the data in a single thread so users can scroll through it and be notified of new entries plus each submission will have only the pertinent data and not all the conversation that happens in build threads.

Lastly, vendors are donating prizes. Good prizes too, I’m.so pumped!


Thanks for doing this @mmaner. I know my board won’t win but to be part of it is just a great accomplishment, as I probably wont be doing as many boards as others but I do hope to do decks for more people who want a truly custom design on a deck.


Moe literally fabricated every part of his board people. He designed, made by hand and perfected a 100% custom, completely off the charts different to everything else here board.

These votes are extremely confusing to me but I suppose everyone has an opinion.


That is why I voted for Moe cause his board is completely done from scratch. All he had was a idea and ran with it.


Because best means different things to different people. For some it is about power, for others about comfort, for some others looks etc. Most have a formula in their mind with all of the above as variables but different weight coefficients.


Agreed. After voting I thought hold on a minute. I simply voted the prettiest board and not the best build which this poll is about, in which case you should really read each and every build thread which I haven’t done since I don’t like all the decks.


It is too hard choosing one build over another. There are deck styles i don’t like but on the other hand the build log to it is just too good…

damn choices!

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Ya seems kind of low that there are only 143 active members.

If that’s the case… I think I’ll make like a tree and get outta here to move to the .club forum for good.


Blatant soliciting. @mmaner disqualify this person :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whipping round the forum buying up the trending parts and assembling it all does not compare with designing and then machining all your parts from scratch. Building it and then breaking records with it surely must qualify for the best build. Come on chaps lets reward a true innovator @MoeStooge You get my vote.


That’s true, and if innovative design was what we all were basing our votes on, his would hands down be the winner. That’s what makes voting so difficult. Each nominated build should win for its own reasons. In the end, I just picked the ones I liked the most. And this year, it’s been about the mini cruiser for me. Also, huge shout out to @Sender for the city slicker build. Was one of my all time faves. Should be in the build hall of fame, along with a bunch of others.