Best controller for 6s?

Hello. What is the best controller for 6 s?

VESC… :slight_smile:

Depends, IMO the only reason to go 6S is to save money so if that’s the route your going then get a xcar beast 150a esc from hobbyking. That being said the VESC is a much better controller, however if you’re using it on 6S its really just wasted potential.

Xcar is a good controller? Brakes are good? Is the engine quiet? I had the 120v fvt but I burned the third controller so I’m going to change to another model

Is vesc configuration difficult?

Xcar is probably very similar to the FVT and has the squeaky breaks as well. Problem is the VESCs amp limit is significantly lower than the FVT or xcar so you’ll probably have less power if you used a VESC which is why 10S and 12S are the way to go with a VESC.

And no VESC setup isn’t too bad but you will have to do some reading to understand exactly what you’re tampering with.

Where do I buy vesc at a good price?


Just get a vesc. You will end up replacing an rc esc before it’s over anyways, almost everyone does.

If you´re heavy and/or have some hills around go for the X-car 150A. If you live on flats and only cruising around get a vesc.

(Vesc will overheat on hills at 6s pretty easy)

Just upgraded my 6s board from a normal RC car ESC to the VESC, and OMG it’s soooo much better.

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Weight 80kg. The terrain is not mountainous, almost everywhere it is flat

Configuring was difficult? How much time did it take you?

Than take a vesc. Maybe a Focbox, should be able to hadle a bit more heat than a standard 4.12. And you´re able to upgrade your system later with it.

Focbox will be better than vesc?

ollin, enertion and some more people getting into vescs with heatsink and direct Fets, so yes, they should perform better than other, standard vescs

Setup in the GUI ? im new to all this, but not much time. just watch som youtube videoes