Best. Deck. Ever

So a few months ago I contacted @treenutter about a custom longboard deck based on the photos I had seen here on the forum. We worked out what I was looking for, and he built the deck. I left for Germany before it was finished, and he managed to ship it so that I could come home and open it up. Well I got home tonight, and I could not beleive my eyes. This is the very first “Shuggah” longboard from Red Ember Boards, and I am beaming with pride to be able to say that I am the owner of such a work of art. I haven’t ridden it yet (obviously) but I took a few pictures while opening it up. I’ll update this thread later on when I have hooked up the 12s system I plan for it. For now, I shall instead bask in the glory of this holy device:

I just want to say thank you to @treenutter for the extraordinary craftsmanship that went into this, and I am so excited to ride it!!



I normally do not look at other people’s board and feel envy as it is just a board from a brand, but yes, your board is damn nice.

One of the golden rule for me is the board must have a micro drop of no more than an inch max (foot surface area) for top mounts and a nice width of 10" (is your boards at least 9.5" at the narrow middle section?) to accommodate large batteries. Also have nice cutouts to avoid wheel bite. This ticks all the boxes for me.

Maybe I will need to PM Treenutter sometimes in the near future to have one made for me…


Wow thanks @anorak234 I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the deck as you unbox it! Thanks for sharing the pics, I can’t wait to see how you build it up!



@psychotiller LOL dude that is incredible. hahahaha!


haha jeah! looked kinda evil, like something Demongo would ride


A nice deck indeed…

1E99207C-0E6D-497C-B916-248578A508AA Do you think this one might have fallen off the same tree?


Stop showing that deck to me… I know how little you paid :joy: