Best drivetrain for power sliding?

I am looking a buying or buildng a board. I am trying to figure out what drive traind is best for me. I am leaning towards a hub motor or direct drive system for the ability to kick push th board if needed. I am not against a belt driven board if needed for it to last longer. So my question is, will power sliding an electric longboard cause premature failure on any of the drive systems? If so what system is best to use in my build?

Don’t go hub motors you’ll destroy the thin urethane sleeves. Go belt drive imo and get some purple kegels or cags so that you have hard wheels that won’t chunk but just like all wheels make sure to break them in to get the shinny off (that’s the initial shine they have on when you get them new this is when they’re the most susceptible to chunking). I’ve found that a well tensioned belt system with 12 or 9mm belts which I would only go that think if you do dual drive. Any way I think that with most direct drives you’ll end up too high bc of wheel size or fore lofty the double kingpins.

Ok thank you for your help