Best dual vesc for twin 6374 190kv motors on Mountain board

Hi everyone, new to the forum and new to building emtb’s but just fancied a try at building my own after owning an Evolve GTC. The build consists of two 6374 190kv motors, with 2 x 8000mah LIPO’s to start with. Keeping it simple. I was looking at the FLipsky 6.6 dual and the FB Unity (now not an option) - are there any other options? Remote will be Flipsky VX1… I’d really welcome any help/ comments or advice…


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So the best are trampa vesc6 but they are the most expensive

Focbox unities are generally good and currently there are a couple for sale at around the $300 mark

Flipsky some get away with and others don’t so it’s a big gamble

The other options include makerx ,maytech And a couple other brands

Really depends on battery size and current + voltage

Also this forum is pretty dead so join us on the other one called the forum search for it online and @BillGordon will upgrade your trust level


Thanks @Halbj613

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Will we be seeing you on the other side

I wouldn’t use flipsky ESC. Stick with the real thing from trampa, a unity (if you can find one) or wait a month for the Tb 6.6 to be available and possibly the new ESC from jeffwuneo on the other site. ( It’s untested so can’t recommended yet, but the TB 6.6 is in its 3rd or 4th phase of beta testing)

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What other forum are you talkin about?

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So that is where it’s all happening now?.. and does it use are same username and password as here?

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Nah you have to sign up again and ask @billgordon to bump you up