Best Electric Skateboard for airplane travel

I have a carbon gt and a LHB, but I would like a board that I can bring onto an airplane. Which board that is out or upcoming board do people think will be best for bringing to another country (I’m In the US) and traveling other places via airplane? I was looking at the Bolt, Elwing, Linky, and acton blink s. I know the mellow board would probably be best, but that is out of my price range at this point. I am kind of leaning towards the linky due to it’s ability to fit into a backpack as a carry on, battery capacity is as large as possible for meeting faa regulations, decent speed/range, and fast charging ability. I’m not sure about the belt being up front or if the ten percent hill climbing ability is enough. Acton I’m skeptical about the quality of their board. I like the bolt, but I’m thinking it would be nicer to have more foot space. Are there any other ones that I’m missing that may be better? preferably under a grand.

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I backed Linky. Bolt had some issues with their belts, if I remember correctly. Linky’s portability is by far the winning point, but you also get fast charging, waterproofing and even a front light (that you can turn off, acton’s can’t for example).

Cheers @Wallgreeens

The main thing that concerns me about the linky is the small motor and it’s belt driven. It would be nice to be able to push if the battery dies, which is why I’m looking at the eon now. The eon seems like a cheap mellow drive, but could be good. The problem with that is I would have to find a small deck to put it on that airport security won’t question.

you can take a lot of batteries as long as they’re separable. so you can have any board just break the battery down. as long as each pack is under the limit of 100 watts or something you can carry tons of them. don’t settle for a board that will only get you down the street and back just carry more batteries. companies advertising they’re good for planes are misleading as they don’t tell you the law and how easy it is to comply and have a huge battery. If anything they should come with a battery that’s breakable. I got through with my 36" deck no problem and 50 volts 8ah broken into packs just under 100 watt-hours each.

I have some broken drills and a fat tail cruiser and a spare vesc that i was going to make a single driven with the battery that clips on and off for my trip to Orlando in the spring