Best Electric Skateboards for Commuting

Yecoo GT3 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

The [Yecoo GT3]electric skateboard does a good job for most commuters. It’s reasonably priced at $799, has an impressive top speed (25 mph) and a respectable range (22 miles). Making it one of the cheaper options available for its level. The silicone 150mm or 90mm PU wheels of the Yecoo GT3 are sufficient to handle most terrain and suitable for any rider. You can rest assured that the GT3’s wheels are the best all-around choice for handling and comfort. Comfort is important on a daily long ride, and the Yecoo GT3’s big wheels certainly did. yecoo-gt3

Yecoo MT mini Board

The Yecoo MT board is a strong all-round mini electric skateboard. It can reach speeds of up to 25 mph and offers an impressive 15-mile range. 8-layer maple deck provide a strong board with excellent quality. The 17.6-lbs lightweight board has a maxload of 330 pounds, which is more than most similar eboards can carry. Price at $499 is also cheap than other ones, so employees who plan to get a budget may be interested in the Yecoo MT electic skateboard.

15 mile on street wheels wouldn’t cut it for me as local roads are terrible requiring cloudwheels upgrade, which, as you might know eats down on the range a lot.

Would only get the Yecoo MT Mini with the 7Ah Sanyo pack as I recently got a 6.4Ah mini board and 23 mile range is right at the limit of what’s minimally acceptable to consider useful, especially taking into account battery capacity goes down :chart_with_downwards_trend: with the years.

Actually whenever I have time better build a bigger :battery: pack cause there’s plenty of hollow space inside the deck for a battery almost twice as big.