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Best Esc for a new build?

So I have decided to embark on the journey to build a electric long board. I have a list of products that people have used with great success but have come to a dead end. What is a good esc to use for all purpose applications? What would be the best choice for 6S? 8S+? Best for hills? What is needed so that the esc will not overheat?

I think the unanimous answer will be VESC.

What about 6S? Or any other esc for 12S?

@osod what @lowGuido said, VESC ftw.

As a VESC alternative, if you’re not using a SPACE cell, i’d feel good about recommending Torqeboard’s ESCs. you can find them over at

  • one for VESC

You can get one from enertion (shipping late november, early december), or just buy one from @chaka with a 2 week lead time.

New to programing aspect of things (still learning and reading) and I am not sure but:

Can a VESC be easily reprogramed if the build needs to change?
Can profiles be easily saved and Up/Down loaded if build goes through trial and error swapping out components?

Thanks in advance.

yes the flexibility of the VESC is one of the major benefits.

Just curious. Is it possible to have multiple selective modes on the Controller/VESC (i.e. reduced power output, economy mode, full power) like on the Boosted controller?
Or do I have to load a unique profile each time I want to change it.
I ask because I don’t want Junior to have full power as I know he will be likely be riding my board when I am not home.

@MonsterCoatings currently there isn’t a way to change parameters without connecting to BDLC (the software tool that you use to configure VESC. However, that’s a feature that I can envision one of the devs out there adding.

What in your opinion is the best esc on the market, or vesc? I want you to consider ease of setup and how long it has lasted without blowing, or needing to be replaced. Remember I just want to know your choice, the cost, and durability of the product(overheating, blowing up, and such).

I have had a lot of luck with the HobbyKing 150A car ESC’s I have run one of them with no fan for more than a year now ridden almost every day.

Nice i’ve seen these in a few builds never personally tested one ill add it to my list though!

I have been using a Hpbbywing EZRun pro 150Amp car esc for a year now with no problems at all. You can program it anywhere though you’ll need the instructions with you.

The VESC is very clever but do bear in mind it can require a fair bit of patience to get right, and you need a laptop with you to do any changes. I’m holding off until the Android App becomes available so you can tweak it on the fly.

The VESC specs out as the most full featured and progressive controller out there for this application. It would benefit a newb, myself included, to get used to the VESC and learn as much about it as possible. It’s not that freakin complicated. Just take it in bites!! The VESC is like having an engineering team constantly developing the best ESC out there. It’s only going to get better. Strong sales will further enhance this effect. $100 is not a lot to pay for all of the hard work that has been put into the VESC. Our vendors, need to have a little skin in the game as well. I’m stoked and grateful I have the opportunity to buy a couple of em’ and get rollin’. We should support this device with pride and take every opportunity to try and understand what’s going on under the hood. Just my .02

Good to know. It’s quite big with fan. Do you run it in the enclosure?

Yeah I dremeled off the top fan section and then made a carbon fibre piece to secure it to the board.

Oh I see. EZRun works great for me just little noisy with the fan.I’ll try it without it. Thanks for the picture.

Best esc for uphills not including the vesc?

@willpark16 - Pretty much any dual motor setup will do. I had a Dual Sk3 50mm setup in the past on 6s with 280KV. The 280KV was nice and flew up hills easily on 6S. But one motor on 6S wouldn’t work. So for real hilly environments I would highly recommend dual motors. There’s no other option unless you want to burn out your motor.

I’ve also found slightly higher KV to be more effective in climbing hills versus low kv (more torque).