Best ESC for mountain boards?

Does anyone know any good ESCs for trampa mountain board running on 12s 9000mah?

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Vesc-x speaking from my personal experience.

The ollin vesc is also robust enough to handle mountain boards.

Trampas working on the v6, beta is out soon.

Fvt ESC’s are okay but kinda scary

Anything else will fail

Actually using Robbe Roxxy 9120 OPTO with additional Cap Bank from YGE.

This combination works good at the moment, without Capbank i burned 2 of the Roxxys. They are extremely powerfull compared to a VESC 4, but not that smooth !

Also IMO its important with most ESC and in every case with the Roxxy that you make sure to protect them agains dust and debris and vibrations. Im using some thick foam rubber under a UK Box :

After my expierence its the by far better way to use some velcro and foam rubber to mount this ESC´s then to direct fix them without damping. Other RC-ESC like HW Max6 handles this good, but Roxxy dont. Also its more easy to maintenace the truck or use the adjusters with a easy removable Box :wink:

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a dumb question, but is there a way to remove this “bike braking” noise with non VESC ESCs? Where does this comes from?


Some RC ESCs brake by shorting the motor coils. To make this controllable they do it with PWM. So what you hear is the PWMed shorting of the regenerated motor current. Others may regenerate to the battery, but with low PWM frequency which is in the hearable spectrum.

As long as you can’t change the PWM frequency or the complete software of the ‘non VESC ESC’ you can’t change the noise it makes…

Its weired… depends on combination of used motors also. Hobbywing Max6 with Sk3 the Brakesound is horrible… with Alien HEV alot better. In generall the Roxxy is the silents Rc Esc i tested so far…

@Duffman @Kaly How about fvt / maytech 12s escs? Are they loud when braking? My fvt 6s is silent when braking, paired with sk3’.

Anyone tried torqueboard ESC on a mountain rig?

I still have the TB ESC 2 years latter. Pretty robust esc.

@okami the FVT esc makes a noise but to me is not a biggy. I have always like a auditory feed back from the board. After getting to know your setup, you can tell if things are ok just by the sound.

@Kaly Do you know anyone who has made a video if it? At least I think I havent heard the sound in the videos I’ve watched of you riding… but im also not sure which esc’s in which video u use :slight_smile:

So if you have ‘‘recorded’’ the braking sound of 12s fvt esc… that would be nice :slight_smile:

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Good to hear …I got a deal on two used …Planing on throwing them on the Trampa when I part up

can people post videos of the noise while braking ? that would help ! cause to me; the noise break is really a no go for a mountainboard.

I think these Toro Esc’s does make some nasty sounds… at least I remember a thing or two I heard about them long time ago on this forum…

@lowGuido Can you tell your experience - which are the most noisy car esc’s u have used?

Do you still sell those remotes Kaly? I can not figure out how to PM.

Toro were louder than most. The hobby king ones weren’t too bad. Its only car escs that make the noise.

Is there a valid reason why a standard VESC would not work for a mountain board? I am looking into a 10s3p or maybe 10s4p battery pack which powers up two 6374 motors.

Toro sounds like train brakes end of video I have maytec 12s on my trampa. I can say brakes r almost silent. Ppl don’t hear me coming into interactions or about to pass then. A little tricky to get used to after having the skyrc Toro on my other boards.

Looking to build a board (on a semi budget) for my wife. Considering the Hobbywing MAX6 V3.

How is the breaking of that ESC? Don’t care as much about sound/good if people hear us coming ;). Is it progressive and related to the PPM signal/can you precisely control the brake force?

The Brake of the MAX6 is very good IMO. Good to control and also adjustable. Only downside is the noise.

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