Best ESC to use with Racestar BRH5065 140KV Motor?

Please, help me know wich is the best ESC or VESC to use with these motors:

I was looking for this one here:

But isn’t seems so nice for the new building… However the price is quite good…

Waiting for answers…

VESC is the way to go if you want the best, and is 100 % worth the money.

Do you know any VESC that will fit better with this motor??

Is this one

a good VESC to buy?? And is it gonna work with Racestar motor??

That one is from maytech, and its not the best… They usually fail pretty fast. Some have luck with them, but I would not recommend it. Focbox, Escape/B-box, VESC 6 (Expensive) ESK8 V1 and V2 will all work with that motor. These are the most reliable too