Best esc to use with sensored dual hub motrs

Hi everyone, I would like to know whats the best ESC for this kind of motors:

I purchased this one but it doesn’t seem much durable… do you know better ones?

The ABSOLUTE best esk8-orientated ESC on the market right now is the version 6 VESC, available from A slightly more budget friendly option would be a FOCBOX, which is sold by several different folks here on the forum. Forum member Stewii is also selling his own version of the vesc6 hardware.

Do they work with dual motors?

Yes, but you have to buy two of them. One esc per motor.

The only “dual esc” I’ve seen is the one you linked in the beginning. All other escs you’ll come across are a 1 esc/1 motor deal. This is good because if you fry one, the other one will still work. If you have a dual esc and something goes wrong, it’ll take out both motors.

thats also true, thanks. I will think about it. P.S. those escs work also with lipos right?

Yeah, lipos are probably the most common battery used with them.

I think that will work pretty good, I got the ebay single motor esc and works good for me. The one from banggood looks the same as the dual esc from ebay. Here’s the dual:

This guy uses it in his board and I bought one as well.

Hello Guys

Maybe this could be be another option controlling the board !

I talk about the esk8 1.1 Controller !!! This is a really nice working and performing Controller without any playful things you didn’t need like the Vesc 6 or FocBox !! I would buy the Vesc 6 to and then I heard about the esk8 1.1 !! And I am lucky that I change and buy the esk8 1.1 !! It have the same or better quality for less of the price from the VESC or FocBox !! And it’s made in Germany !! You can find it at Greetings and a nice day !!

Yes, this drive kit is not durable. I have 24V and 36V version, can sell 90us +shipping.