Best Gearing for Dual 6374 190 KV Motors + 12s battery?

I’m getting 27mph with my current board but I want a higher top speed so I’m building a new board. Here are my options:

Motor Pulley Teeth: 13t or 16t Wheel Pulley Teeth: 32t (it’s Evolve so it might actually be 33t?) or 40t

What would the best combination be?

Depends on the size of your wheel

It’s 107mm!

I would go with a mínimum of 14t on the motor, less than that you bend the belt too much and reduce the life of it by a lot

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Current setup is 36T/16T with 90mm wheels with dual 6374 motors on BLDC, I enjoy the speed uphill. Esk8 calculates ~32mph weighted. If you use the same setup with 107mm wheels, Esk8 calculates ~38mph which to me is plenty of speed.

Alright I guess I’ll just invest in 36t, I just already had 32t and 40t so I was hesitant to grab 36t haha

Or if you have 40T/18T setup, it’s similar gearing ratio.