Best hub motor?

Hi, I’m looking to buy a hub motor for my first build. I already received my battery pack (space pro3 from enertion). I don’t know if I should wait and get carvon V3, get the carvon V2.5 or buy from another company? Budget is not really a problem and hills where I live are rare.

Single or Double?

I assume Single since not many hills?

I really have no idea… Does it accelerate faster with dual hub motor?

Well imagine you have 2 engine in your car instead of one, which one accelerate faster? Isn’t it obvious?

Two hub will go faster as it split the load and give you more ground traction, so it would accelerate faster. Running big engine also draw more power, hence battery runs out faster (not double as fast, but just faster). Single hub is already powerful enough, double is just abit harsh especially for new eRider.

But remember, if you do 2 motors, then you have to have 2 VESC’s, if budget truly isn’t an issue then fine, but it could raise the price $300-$400

A single 2.5 is very nice …I have one…I can only imagine how much more power a dual would be…v3 will be out next year…

It’s a matter of how long you are willing to wait

Person to ask is @ekitesurfer

I really wish Carvon would offer a sensored version

speed is largely determined by the motor kv and voltage and power depends on the motor and the esc and the batteries. you can have a weak dual or a strong single. you can have a fast single or a slow dual. there are variables.

2.5 is the shit. I need duals for lots of hills around my place. I have had a motor take a crap on me during a ride, the other one got me back, for that reason alone I would go dual. Life is too short to skimp on your esk8, do it right…


I using double belt, and if it’s a hub motor double no doubt. And if the budget is not a problem raptor 2 was my choice. Just need to be patience.

Carvon won’t be offering the v3 in single btw

I have the v2.5 single and it’s pretty dope. I weigh 135 and torque and braking is not an issue. I prefer the single for the weight savings. If I didn’t have a board already, I wouldn’t want to wait for the v3.

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@AkiKyoto from Carvon

But they don’t sell them anymore since the v3 is coming out

V3’s look dope. I’m gonna be upgrading to a set once they’re available. I’ll probably be selling my v2.5 once I get my v3’s.

I’ve only tried the Carvon hubs, so I can’t really speak for the others out there. I chose the Carvon hubs because they had full thickness urethane on the outer edge. Plus they’ve been around for a bit with great reviews. The V3’s are technically not hubs since the motors are not in he wheels. They’re next to them. So you can use standard Abec flywheels without any mods. I don’t see any other hubs on the market doing that and for how/where I ride, more thane makes a big difference.

The actual wheels don’t sit on the motors they are next to them


Pretty much everyone else ------- and this is Carvon

Is there a difference I’d say so. How it effects things is up to major debate.

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They are abec11… the hole patter for the spokes is kind of a industry standard and abec11 are quality wheels that last

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That is what suppose to be in the middle …so you have that much distance and cushion for the motor…

As opposed to his system that does not put the motor indirect fire of the shock of the road…its offset

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