Best in depth explanation of belt drive systems

Just read this entire thing! Best in depth explanation of belt drive systems. From the masters themselves. Its got great explanations on belt tension and pulley alignment Comparison between different tooth profiles and materials

Simply cuts out all the trial and error when designing your belt drive system. Wish i read this 2 years ago


Thanks for the share.

@Mikeomania12 great find, thanks! I admit that I had to look up the term “involute” haha.

After reading this I’m convinced its best to use our currently accepted standard of HTD 5mm pitch pulleys but only now use them with Gates PowerGrip GT3 5mm pitch belts. Looks like they are drop in replacement and are compatible with regular HTD5 pulleys. Can help get less backlash, noise, vibrations and skipping.

You want belts. Go to Misumi USA’s website. I think they cheaper.

Not interested in cheaper. U’ll learn eventually…jk thanks I’ll check it