Best li-on batteries for around $200

What is the best lion pack I can buy for around $200 or a little more.

No real options unless you go DIY or diyeboards

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I would think this:

Yeah alot of people say it is bad because it does not use good battiers

I always wondered if you wire 2 in parallel it wouldn’t be a bad battery but damn 10s10p for 720wh is kinda sad but really not bad for less than $400

You can have cheap or good, and you’ve chosen cheap

That is true I might just get 10s2p from mboards for 250

Have I chosen cheap

£85 for 30q 10s3p £35 for my diy battery spot welder £20 for misc

£140 total

I dont think cheap is bad?

BMS is about $40

Yeah sure, but can also use charge only

That’s only cheap if you are successful, when doing DIY there is always extra hidden cost somewhere and there is a chance you can mess up cells or a bms while making it costing you more money and time.

Dont get my wrong I encourage DIY it’s fun and satisfying but it’s not the best option for everyone.


That is what I am worried about

Yeah I always encourage DIY. Because those cells that diyeboards use are dogshit :slight_smile:

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there are a shit ton of diagrams and everything the hardest part is the bms, and that is simple if you actually think about it check the wires 5 times and your golden :smiley:

Yeah I haven’t built a pack yet, the BMS is the thing that scares me :slight_smile:

What spot welder would you recommend

Yes, THIS.


Arduino one and a 5ah 100+c battery this comes out at around 160$ if you add the cost of cells it comes out more expensive than just getting a battery from a guy on here so unless you are planning more batteries for whatever you need its not worth it IMO unless you want to learn how and make it yourself

I really like the DIY route, I went so far that last weekend I installed floor heating piping for a 100m2 brothers house, like 900meters of tubing :smiley:

Yeah probably could work, I was originally planning to get that pack but I have decided to go DIY route