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Best Lipo charger?

So I have a 1/8th truggie and I have a really good 2-3S charger for my two 2S packs and two 3S packs and it works like a charm. However, I am planing to build a E-board and I want to know the best option to charge packs that are 4S+ maybe up to 10S? So what are my options to charge my packs that will last long and keep my lipos chuggin. My lipo packs are 2 years old and two of them have ~~200 cycles on them so I know how to keep them in good shape.

I have an IMAX B6AC V2 that works well and isn’t too expensive. iCharger is supposed to be the best though but it’s a bit more expensive.

I am using this dirty old bag quatro charger from hobby king
it does great for charging lots of batteries at once. It also appeals to the jeeper inside of me as I can run that off the 12v system in my jeep. So then I can charge up the batteries while on an excursion. I plan on having a electric mountain board for this hacker camp im going to be driving on up to.

How good/effecient it is… not sure. but having the 4 charging ports allows me to charge both of my 12s packs at once. (since I have 4 6s batteries, 2 per pack). So its something to consider in case you find the “best” charger is 100% up to opinion.