Best little grocery getter?

The Mrs wants a midsize little kicktail type grocery getter. Considering the Evolve Stoke, Riptide R1’s or a Boosted Mini (though that might be too short).

Any one better than the next or go with the cheapest?! Or better suggestion?

Ownboard KT, or Meepo campus? I’d honestly recommend the Build Kit Boards one


Can you link me to 'er? Thanks!

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Do you have one Z? Same price as the Boosted right now but sounds pretty good. Building would be fun as long as I don’t screw it up. And love that it can allow for the squishy wheels unlike the Boosted.

Nah, too poor… already have a fifth board in the works :sweat_smile:. I really wanted one with a drophammer deck or something so I looked into it and it’s 100% the best price to quality ratio you can get

Maybe I’ll sell off my weaker boards and get it in a year…but now is definitely the time to buy

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