Best motor and gear ratio

I know that this is talked about a lot, but I still have some questions that I can’t seem to find. I’m running a 10s3p 18650 30q (roughly 9000 mah), and I weigh about 125lb (about 56kg) I’m a pretty skinny guy. I’ve been longboarding for a while and I’m building my own eboard. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kv and gear ratio I should use? I want at least about 10 mile range, and would like to be able to go 25+ mph. Considering I don’t weigh that much, I’m hoping I can get those numbers using my battery pack and a single motor. Also, I’ve heard that higher kv drains battery faster, is this true?

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For a 10s battery, go for 190kv. Its a good middle range.

For gearing, since its a single, you can do 16/40 for more torque. Personally i do 14/44 on a single 6374 190kv, weighing at 70kg. Its plenty enough for me. If you want more speed, you can go for a bigger motor pulley like 16T or 18T in future

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I didn’t even think about changing the great ratio after I build it, I’ll probably stick with that

16/36 is the standard, Paired with 190kv on 10s.

Has anyone ever used 18/36?

That may be a little fast in speed.

Yeah, there aren’t many hills in northern Ohio and like I said, I’ve been riding for a while so I can hold it at a decent speed. I want to be able to use it to commute to work, and I would prefer to be able to pick the speed up a bit so it’s not that long of a ride. Also, even if Its too fast for full throttle, I like knowing that there’s a little more

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yeah thats fun too and since your light itll be good… im 140lb max… 2:1 ratio on 10s was great and even more fun on 12s… plenty of torque and speed for us lighter peeps…

Do you know what your top speed was with the 10s?

no i dont remember but what ever the calculator says is probably about right (maybe slight bit higher than advertised)… with that said at 12s im in the 30s consistently with 6" tires and same with 107s

12s is where its at IMO

if u want tourque i like 14 44t https:///collections/drive-wheel-pulleys/products/44t-15mm-kegel-drive-wheel-pulley-only dont have it any more though

Like I said, I don’t really need that much torque. I think I’m going to try to balance torque and horsepower to get a high top speed. I want to use it to commute to work. It’s about 3 miles and an 8 minuet drive, and I want to be able to make the trip in a reasonable time

try this then https:///collections/electric-skateboard-pulley-belt-combo-kits/products/36t-kegel-pulley-15mm-combo-kit it has lots of torque but still goes over 30 mph

I was looking at the full kit for that. I think I’m going to get a couple different motor pulley sizes and mess with the ratio to find what’s best for me

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make sure you get multiple size belts too

Adjustable motor mount

Don’t matter, if you go big on pulleys your gonna need a bigger belts

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How many mah? And what was your range?