Best Motor and Hub motor Selection source?

Hey guys,

I just found this post: and I think this will help for those of you who are trying to select your motor. Just posting this out there:)

This is full of inaccuracies, such as

[quote]Hub Motor

  • Good for cruising
  • No need to change anything**(belts need to be constantly changed in belt drive due to rubber ripping)[/quote]

Hub motor wheel wrappers wear out arguably faster than belts


It is most definitely not cheaper.


Oh I just found this online. Thanks @b264 for correcting this post. If there are any more inaccuracies let’s try to correct them in the discussion.

I would say that you can build a board cheaper than you can buy except in a few cases with the high end shops like LHB, Ollin, Carvon, and Enertion.

Those boards are worth buying from the source because of quality of workmanship/warranty and they all have unique designs that are original and their own.(LHB boards, Carvon DD, Enertion Hub, Ollin board) We should support people that design and test, they are doing the heavy lifting.

I would add Hummie, but he hasn’t released his complete yet. His hubs are worth buying in my opinion(cause I already paid).

I agree. I think that many of these boards that you mentioned are high quality and would definitely not be cheaper if someone built the same board themselves. However, these boards go easily over many people’s budget that can be spent on boards. Therefore, I think that the author of this post was trying to go for a DIY motor options for those who have a tight budget.

That post really is outdated and misleading. First of all, hummie hasn’t sold those old hub motors in almost 2 years…

The maytech hub motors have slipping urethane problems last time I checked. Well, the whole market pretty much does (besides carvon, hummie, and enertion). Besides that, all of those little motors will overheat if you try to do any serious riding, especially if your 150 lb or more.

It really sounds like whoever wrote this doesn’t know what they are talking about/is trying to bs from their ass.

We’re in a limbo time with hub motors. The next year will be the year of the hub motor. We will be supply thousands of hummie v4’s next year to the community, at prices far lower than our competition.

Also, saying the locking mechenism for his hubs is weak is simply not true. The new design really addresses this fully, but even with red locktite, it took 2 guys, with a 20 ft wrench with a end piece meant to open tractor motors (every two pin spanner broke, because the force needed to remove them is so great), and even then, with the arbor press, it was extremely hard to remove and took almost 30 minutes. The mounting is not weak by any means…

I’d love to buy a set of hummies hubs whenever they’re available. But far lower prices than the competitors? Last I heard, the Kickstarter page would have hubs for around $700.

The markup is much lower than any other competitor, that I guarantee you…

The first version was cheaper. This is a newer and much better version.