Best place to buy VESCs (buying from Australia)

I was about to buy 2 x VESCs from Enertion but it seems they just sold out and I missed the boat.

Any recommendations on what’s the best / most affordable place to buy them given that I’m in Australia?

Depends on your budget: 90-100€ go for a maytech or DIY (an esk8 shop). If you want to double the budget, I believe it is worth waiting few weeks for vesc 6.

BTW I am selling a brand new vesc (maytech) so pm me if you are interested.

Whens the vesc 6 getting released?

(sorry to high jack the thread)

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Send me a PM with your number. The Australian ESK8 group has a dude in it who can send you two I think.

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Thanks mate. Just sent you a PM