Best pre built battery packs

I’ve seen MBoards, ChiBoards Battery systems, Longhaired Boy, and DIY Electric Skateboards.

Curious to know peoples experiences with these above venodrs as well if there is anyone else selling good battery packs?

So far it seems that Mboards have the most reasonably priced packs from my research.

I have a 10S3P 30Q pack coming in from these guys for my first build. They’re a new company so there’s some risk as far as how well their products hold up.

I’ve ordered 4 focboxes from them and it came in within 3 days. The battery prices are very competitive and they have a 20% promo going on right now with PRESTOCK1 for code


Awesome! Can you follow up with your reviews? The prices are competitive.

I have experience with 2 vendors I have bought from torque boards a 12s4p it was solid but had flaws bms only out put was like 30con and pack was really big and beefy. Had usb ports for some odd reason and the enclosure sometimes has to be missed. I have no idea about the warranty. Second was @barajabali (chiboards) I bought a 12s6p 30q for 1k and I can honestly say it was worth it would have bin cheaper had I gone 25r but I say worth. I have had 0 zero issues with it. You pay what you get a high quality pack. mine came with battery percentage,bms bypassed by my choice and a anti spark switch that is rock solid. also came with 4 amp charger anyways in conclusion I rather it be expensive and have it high quality and not risk anything. I have damaged the battery pack by user error and still took it in for fixing under his warranty.



But a battery that is less that amazing is a rip off if you are shelling out $1000 USD.

given that a 12s4p from China vendors is 500+$ a custom 12s6p 30q with quality components and knowing that not some guy in China was having a bad day and decided to not care about the packs he made is well worth the money and having warranty. You don’t know the market to say that’s a Rip off look at real world cost of building your own and them some labor and you will see the money will add up. my pack was a extreme one , but it’s reasonable


From what you linked A 12s5p Q30 Only costs 416$ without shipping with the discount code. That seems like a steal.

@psychotiller, also sells batteries.


@scepterr Does custom battery work too, I think. NYC area


I totally agree, that is a steal. I mean these guys are new so they are giving promo prices and testing out price points. My pack will come with a Bestech BMS with bypass discharge, charge port, led indicator, power switch and a charger, I assume a 2A. All for a whopping price of $188 after 20 % discount plus shipping and these are 30Q cells! The cells alone will cost me $135 plus shipping from IMRbatteries.


I guess my word choice for “rip off” was poor, sorry.

I am simply making the point that a battery you purchased is top of the market in both price point and and assumed quality, especially compared with… every other site listed.

I do not think that there it is an “either” you buy the “top of the market” battery “or” you are going to buy a crap battery where someone from another is most likely going to fuck up. But I get that it is your perspective, and its fair.

I have seen it happen when u got for China for batteries u get them fast but not good quality of components anti spark switch bms ect… Given that they are bulky as well my 12s6p is thinner and less length then my 12s4p from torque boards


Ok, that makes sense, thanks!

I bought a 10s3p from MBoards. It looks well made and so far no issues with it on my first build. One gripe however: they soldered a male XT90 connector on the end, instead of the normal/safer female end. I just removed it and re-soldered the right one, but just something to note.

I’d grab a 12s5p but I’m so lazy when it comes to finding enclosures and BMS that I might just grab a 12s4p from TB. Plus I don’t think it comes with a 4A charger

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The price all depends on the number of cells and the features each pack has. If it is just a battery pack with no options then they should all be around the same price. Each option adds more money on it I know @psychotiller sells a pack bargin pack

I’ve purchased several:

2 - 12s2p packs from Miami electric boards @oriol360 2 - 10s packs from Chiboards @barajabali 1 - 12s3p from dyielectricskateboards @torqueboards

Of the two packs from Miami electric boards, one is an absolute champ, still running strong after nearly 1000miles. The other packs won’t charge to 100% and occasionally trips the voltage cutoff if I push too hard going up hill…I suspect it has a broken solder. It will still get me 6-8miles per charge though.

I just received the two packs from Chiboards and haven’t completed the builds yet, so I can’t speak to their durability or performance, but I will say @barajabali has been great to deal with.

The 12s3p from dyielectricskateboard came with the wrong charger plug size, which was kinda annoying, but to be fair @torqueboards cut me a deal on the pack and sent me a replacement charger, he’s always been good to deal with in my experience. The pack also ran strong without issue up until the board was stolen (don’t let friends borrow your boards!!).


I can speak to Bara / Chibattery. Flawless operation for me.

Bought a 10S4P 25r (would have gone with the 30Q now looking back but I didn’t put much thought into battery research just getting into it and ordered it straight away and didn’t think twice). The 25r sags a bit at full load. At 60A on my 4P, which is about 15A per cell, they drop maybe 2-3.5v, 4v max, which for me is totally acceptable… but being rated for 20A… sure they can push that just fine, but they end up sagging 5-7v on average at 20A per cell load, max sag I have seen at their full amp load has been almost 9v, which is for me not-something-I-will-run-with… so for that reason only i’d have gone 30Q if I could turn back time.

My bad (for my build) choice in 25r doesn’t speak to the quality of Bara’s packs though(!!!)- only my lack of research in fitting the correct cell to my intended setup.

Bara’s work is great, he communicated whenever I asked questions during the build stage, met the 3 wk delivery time, battery came all sealed up nice with BMS integrated into the pack, anti-spark on-off switch that functions great, charge port wired up, and LCD capacity display all ready to go.

All I had to do was mount the charge port, LCD display, and on-off switch on the outside of my enclosure, and bolt the enclosure down. Easy as Pie.

I’ve seen batteries with BMS/etc for cheaper, I think, but I am very happy with my purchase and had a great experience ordering from chibattery / @barajabali

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@darkkevind is the battery guy in the EU if you are not in the states. @oriol360 of MiamiElectricBoards also offers a few good packs

I’ll have to say that @barajabali is a great guy to get custom batteries from, communication and service has always been great.


I have the Torque Boards 12s4p 30q battery it even comes with an enclosure seal battery straps and mounting hardware. ( I used my own mounting hardware) but the battery and enclosure have been beast and @torqueboards has good prices, if you have space under your deck for a double stack battery then go for it.