Best Pulley for Flywheels

I wanted your opinion on what the most reliable, easy to set up, and best quality pulley system is that is on the market.

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It’s all in the gearing - which you want to setup for your voltage… And wheel size for the speed you want…

So it’s simple really. hehehe

My personal preference is low gearing for bigger wheels - on 83mm the 36 or 40t gears, and 14/15t on the motor. On 8/10/12s it keeps speeds more reasonable and helps with hills. You have lower clearance on 83’s with the 40t, but not too bad IMO. 90’s or 97’s are perfect. On the 97’s i really want 42 or 44t…

I prefer the aluminum over plastic (even reinforced molded like Enertion’s), and 12 and 15mm wide (can run 9 or 12mm on them).

One more thing most folks know - the Enertion ones are slick w/ no external bolts visible, but you need to buy his modified trucks to fit, or cut some of the hanger material off of stock Caliber II’s to fit them. 12mm is nice, but again not a huge fan of the plastic vs aluminum. In all fairness - i 3d printed a 9mm 36t for GF’s board and she rode it (very very softly) for quite a few miles w/o issue. But every time i rode it (about twice her weight) it would skip on braking…

DIYes has the 36 and 40t Flywheels - nice. @Titoxd10001 has a nice 15mm 15/40 setup too.

Fit and finish the DIYes are a bit nicer, but i like @Titoxd10001’s round head bolts better to secure to the wheel.


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Thanks for the great advice I will go look at those pulleys now.

@unik has some cool pulleys

:slight_smile: thanks !