Best setup for pure speed!

I love speed and I’m about to upgrade my evolve GTR to have new motors, controller and battery can anyone advise what’s the best motor for that I’ve read a few things about KV but i have no idea how it fits with volts and amps. I just want super fast motor!

High speed SHOULD have all balanced parts. Not some upgraded power. You will likely get in trouble.

So just upgrading the motors, esc, and battery is not enough? Do I also need to upgrade the deck and trucks?

Trucks yes, but depends on wheel size. Deck, is dependable on wheels as well since you don’t want to hit the deck as you’re turning with larger wheels and motor mounts (mounts will hit the deck if it’s not done right). If your trucks is RKP, it depends on length and ability to turn (unless you’re using a kick tail deck).

There’s a lot of factor than just changing those 3. But since you’re using an evolve, you should be fine. Just make sure the trucks are not DKP.

If you want speed, your motor kv would higher, if you want torque, kv is lower. I personally find 190 - 220 kv fair and balanced. 6374 motors are a good size.

Another factor is gear ratio.

Thanks @LeonCamero, you would know where some good guides are on making sure everything is balanced?

That would define on what you mean by Balance.

If you want speed balance, you can get a 220kv 6374 8mm motor. Your pulley for your motor should be around 13t for balance or 15t for more speed (if you don’t live on hilly areas). Your wheel pulley depends on what wheel you’re using.

IMO, the more teeth, the better.

If you want torque, 140kv, but you can have 15t motor pulley and lesser wheel teeth for speed while having the torque.

But 190 is the higher balance of the two. Plus I’m biased since I own 4 190kv motors.

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dude you really don’t need to upgrade all that… how much more speed do you want? if you’re like me who like speed as well i was comfortable when a board could push me at 45mph… if you want that and have the new GTR 2 from evolve you literally just need this, 23T Wheel Pulleys - ABEC — BoardBumpers and a belt to go along with it. This will bump your speed up by 8-10mph because its one of the more extreme wheel pulleys set ups. Idk how much you’ll likely sacrifice on torque but from my experience evolve boards have always had plenty if not too much torque for me. This will be your simplest most effective speed upgrade while saving you a ton of money too. if you’re upgrading the motors controller and battery to about 1K spendings you’re likely to get around the same increase in speed as putting these pulleys in man, just trying to save you time effort, and money but do your thing man!