Best urban cities to ride

The most practical use of an esk8 that I’ve seen is in short commutes for urban areas. I’m stuck in suburbia for the time being, but after college I’m thinking of maybe living in London or another urban area so that I can commute via esk8. With that being said, what are your guys’ favorite urban esk8 cities?

NYC. Ask any other the other NYC people. It’s the perfect place, and perfect size. Many great spots.

I second NYC. It’s perfect because you can go anywhere on your board and the view is constantly changing. On one ride you can go through a tree lined park, ride down a huge bridge, through dense traffic, and onto a path along the river. Since cars can’t make a right on red, you often get a whole block in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world all to yourself in the middle of the day. They’re also big on bike paths here, so you get a lot of them that are separated from the main street.

Sure the roads are crap and it’s kind of insane riding here, but you get used to it.

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You get so many different scenes just going down the west side highway

I dunno. The South Bank path of the river Thames has 2000 years of history and some of the most well known sights in the world. I’d take that any day.

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To me NYC is Great!!!

But i think wherever you are is a great place to RIDE :slight_smile: because when eBoarding you can rediscover the city you are,under a new set of eyes. Is like moving to a new city within your own city. Nothing will be the same after you start riding


NYC, nothing like it anywhere else. A little bit of everything all in a single ride. And now as of a few weeks ago…the only asphalt pump pump track in North America @

I feel this thread is so biased, because I feel like everyone’s going to say the city they live in lol.

I love riding around SF. I’m sure NYC is better in the sense your board doesn’t need to be so beefy. The vast majority of my riding in sf is in hills, many steep ones on any route. NYC is so much flatter, The smaller hills here are steeper than your steepest hills. I can’t do one wheel drive in SF. On flat ground, it’s all I need, but even 2wd with these hills are slow. 4wd finally gets me going :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, yea it’s a local bias. But any city is better with 4WD!! Lol


It is open to the public already ?

Yes 11-7 any day but Monday, I stumbled upon it by chance. Check the website

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Holy crap dude, I didnt think theyd ever open this place. We should meet here for our next NYC meet up! Will they allow eskater?

Yes on esk8!

I emailed the track manager, response below:

Hey whats up!!!

The best time to come to the park is weekdays from 11am-2pm. Anything with wheels are welcome to the track… Except the scooters that fold. We would love to have you and the crew here on the track.

Thanks, Colby Cummings Track Manager


fly me out

Hats awesome dude! We should set a meet up at that park!

woah. i want in on that track in BK. Not sure an eboard is even needed. looks so fun!

Right? We can hold our 2017 NA meet up here, with races and events, perfect fit. @Michaelinvegas :wink:


I can’t fault you…id have to make a special board just for the occasion

I stopped by there today. I ride by it practically every day. It’s behind a big fence so you can’t see it from the street. They were totally cool with me riding my electric on there, but my board didn’t have enough clearance. I have 2" between the bottom of my enclosure and the ground and my board just barely scraped without me on it.

Track looks amazing though!!