Best value for money site to get your custom bamboo decks?

Hi, just wanna know where do you guys get your bamboo decks from? Mainly wanna ship to the States.

Appreciate some good budget shops that offer quality decks


Skate Shred is probably the best…

But this site also has some decent decks for good prices.

Adding to @mmaner’s links.

I’ve grabbed some nice decks from fubox dist too - i see several bamboo options:

@sl33py @mmaner thanks for the feedback guys appreciate it those sites are great !! How bout quality and affordable carbon decks? would you guys even recommend carbon fiber decks for a electric skateboard?

If you intend to ride long trips, I would not recommend CF decks. The vibrations numbs my foot

right, cuz they have minimal flex. thanks for the input @Mikenopolis. Anyway when getting a deck online it doesnt show the flex, how do you ascertain the amount of flex in the deck? material wise? like bamboo > southern-wood > olive wood in terms of flex?

I am looking at just a little flex, not totally stiff, but just enough flex to absorb the vibration and yet give you control. had a stiff acton board before, feet will go numb after a mile or so

When searching online it’s tough. At least for blank/inexpensive decks. If you instead go to Daddiesboardshop they list flex as one of the key attributes. But those are usually a bit more $. Definitely a better way to ascertain flex than guessing by materials. BUT you can get a sense if you look at details - specifically plies and what type. maple and lots of plies = stiff! Bamboo usually = flexy. Not sure about others - but also look at plies in general and shape.

I have a CF board - Marbel. Yes stiff and bit of vibration, but great w/ bigger/softer wheels i’d bet and stiff usually is better at higher speed. Experience/skill, bushings, etc. all make a big difference.

The last option would be to get something with a bit of flex expected, and if too flexy - add some CF or GF to stiffen it up!?