Best VESC for Heat Dissapation of a Heavy Rider

Hi, first post here, be gentle. I’m building my first board. I’ve got dual Flipsky 6384 190kv motors. I’m on the heavy side of 250lbs. I’ve got a 12S4P battery and will be running Boundmotor’s 105mm Airless Wheels. Mostly I’ll be riding flat paved surfaces, but I know with my weight and the ocasional hill, that I’ll be stressing the ESC a lot and generating heat. I’ve got the ESC narrowed down to the Flipsky 6.6, FocBox Unity, Stormcore 60D or the Spintend U-Box. I’m no electronics expert but from what I’ve read and watched the mosfets play a big roll in the heat that is generated. The Flipsky 6.6 had 36 mosfets divided by the 3 motor wires in 6/wire. I’m assuming that is good and will disperse the heat better. The Stormcore has 4/wire, the Focbox has 2 0r 3/wire and I don’t know about the U-Box. Ideally, the ESC will be in an enclosure with the battery and no external ventilation or heatsink to the outside. Am I on the right track here? I believe all 4 of these can handle my motor and battery setup so at this point the major differentiator is the heat dissapation right? Is there another ESC or factor I should consider? Also I realize some of these have extra features like built in BT, powerswitsh, horn hookup or come with a remote but that is a secondary concern. Thanks in advance for the help.

The simple answer to heat dissipation is the mass of your heat sink & exposure to airflow.

Sure, MOSFET & PCB design play a role too… if the design has not to been made with heat dissipation as a primary requirement you will get sub-optimal performance no matter how big the heat sink is.

The Stormcore & Focbox are designed specifically for wicking heat away from the MOSFETs & PCB, can really speak to the flipsky design as I don’t have one for testing etc.

tHE FLIPSKY BY FAR. It has a large heatsink, and can be removed, to then mount on outside of enclosure. If you need, they sell thicker heat transfer pad, if enclosure is thick.

I remain ambient almost at all times. And my flipsky 6374s barely heat at all. IF, the flip handles 12s well.

So you’re suggesting sandwiching the plastic case between the ESC and the heatsink using heat transfer pads?

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I might be biased, but unity + heatsink is around -20*C operating temps. For me significant enough to advise a heatsink on anything

Look at my build thread. You cut a small hole for the mosfets, and drill holes for standoffs. Then bolt it together. Mine was thin, so I used the transfer pad over. I was a little scared at first, but it works real well. I used monkey snot between enclosure and heatsink, for waterproofing.

Ok, I just took a look at your build. That looks pretty easy to pull off. I think I’m going to go with the Flipsky 6.6 and do your heatsink mod. I like that everything is still sealed so no water or debrid can get in. Thanks for the help. I’ll post some pics once it’s all done.