Best vesc out there?

Anyone know if this vesc is any good ?

it doesn’t come with firmware so it will be un-tested and probably has no upgrades So maybe not the best option. I would recommend getting a vesc from Chaka. They come with firmware loaded and tested and they have the important upgrades and a warranty. Or you can order from They also come tested with firmware, upgrades and warranty and are still only $110

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cheers but it would normally be110usd but by the time shipping is added its 143usd

Still, $143 for an upgraded, programed, tested and warranteed Vesc is a bargain and well worth the extra.


Fast forward two years, which vesc has the highest quality that you can buy today?

For 4.12 hardware Focbox

For 6.4 hardware Trampa vesc 6 Stewii Escape Bummer Bbox…

All of them… Good luck getting one… lol

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