Best VESC settings for li-ion 30Q 12s4p and dual 6374 190kv motors?

Hey everyone,

I am about to set up my dual focbox vescs (via cambus). I have a 12s4p 60amp SuPower (BMS), and dual 6374 190kv motors.

I want to make sure I set these correctly:

Motor Max, Motor min (regen), Batt max, Batt min (regen), Absolute max

Also if you have suggestions for:

Minimum input voltage Maximum input voltage Battery cutoff start Battery cutoff end

I want to be able to have good braking for going down hills. I will also use BLDC but might try FOC mode in the future.

Thanks for any help, I have searched up and down the forums and people seem to be varying their opinions for these settings. (I have my own opinions but I don’t want to influence the decisions.) :wink:

Thanks everyone!

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What cells are you using?

Is this your first board? Do you have a Bluetooth module to easily change theses settings?

Here’s what I’d start out with: Motor max: 60 Motor min: -60 Battery max: 30 Battery min: -8 Absolute max: leave it alone, I think its 130

Minimum input voltage leave it at 8 Maximum input voltage leave it at 57 Battery cutoff start: 36 (3 volts per cell) Battery cutoff end: 33.6 (2.8 volts per cell)

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So motor max, min, batt max, min, and what else need to be split along two vesc? What does absolute max do?

I gave those settings per VESC. Only battery max and min need to be split. Absolute max I believe is just a cutoff point, if you exceed it you’ll get some error like: abs_over_current. All I know is that it should be left alone at 130

Oh I swapped motor and battery in my head. I see that now.

30Q Samsung.

This is my first board, but I am a pool skater and I am used to the speed and have good board control. I wonder if I should put the battery cut off a bit higher, around 41V or 40V. I think that might be safer? I had it at 20% when I built the battery and it was around 41V (3.41V per battery).

You can set the battery cutoffs as high as you’d like, you’ll lose range while gaining some longevity of the pack.

What settings did you end up going with?

I didn’t post this, but this is what I am running on my 12s4p with 6374 170kv motors

It would be interesting if people gave suggestions for me as well


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edit: sorry. I thought it was 10s

recommend cutoff start arounf 3,2v / s and end around 3,0 / s

Motor max 70 Batt max 30 per vesc if dual, depending on BMS discharge? Motor min -40 Batt min -10

I have a bestech charge only running Samsung 30q in a 12s4p

How’s this working for you?

Wheel size and gear ratio?

Well, went on a 24 mile ride and everything was good until one of the motors got jacked. image

I went with cheap motors dickyho was selling. I have since ordered some janux 6374s. Waiting for those to come in.

I am running 15/36 gear ratio, and my old motors were 170kv, the new ones are going to be 190kv

Hey man checking in since you changed out your cans.

I’m also running a 12s4p with dual 190kv motors.

Any changes to your settings?

Yes, made a few adjustments, changed the 40a to 50a. If you want to run hard you can change that to 60a and it will be insane. I’ll get some screen shots later

image image

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Hi Jason

i would like to have advices about my Vesc setting with VTC6 sony li-ion battery it’s a 12s4p 12AH bms charge only

i have an orrsom board from Trampa with two 6364 154Kv motors i would to know the setting for :slight_smile: MOTOR CURRENT MAX : ? MOTOR CURRENT MAX BRAKE : ? BATTERY CURRENT MAX : ? BATTERY CURRENT MAX REGEN : ? and also about : Minimum input voltage Maximum input voltage Battery cutoff start Battery cutoff end

Thanks a lot for for advices i realy don’t want to burn it all :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the late reply. Been off the forums. You can see my last settings on this post for a similar build