Best way to extend motor / vesc leads

Hey guys I currently have a dual 6374 motor setup under board but due to the low clearance I wanted to reverse them and mount them towards the back of the board. Doing thing wont allow the current motor leads to reach the vesc obviously so has anyone done this before? If so I have some questions:

Which would be better a modular extension cable or de-soldering the connectors on the motor and solder a longer lead to that?

What type of wiring would work best for this? I have heard 12G is good but what type of wire?

And lastly where would I be able to purchase male and female connectors if modularity is the best course?

Thank you for you help.

Best way would to be solder new, longer wires onto the motor windings but I can’t offer any help there having never done it.

If you lengthen the wires you’re just adding an additional failure point.

u should get 10gage silicon wire. i would say up to 2 feet is safe for vesc. i wouldnt try cut and re solder the phase wire. i avoid if i can cuz u can melt the enamel to short motor or get cold solder joints. bullet connectors are good enough.

So make an extension cable with 10Awg?

yeap. thicker the better but more than 8g is overkill

Sweet thanks,

10g is overkill lol

no need to make it that thick 12awg works fine, even 14 awg would work. Keep in mind phase wire has an enamel on it and will not be solderable until you remove it with some fine grit sandpaper or file.

Yeah I settled on 12awg and bullet connectors. ThAnks everyone