Best way to fix nicked wire

So, I was in the middle of a test ride at a local park and hit a large-ish break between sidewalk panels. I heard a ka-klunk, so I stopped to look at he board. The motor casing seems to have cut through one of the phase wires, slightly damaging the wire strands. I was wondering if it would be OK to apply solder directly to the nicked area to fix the cut strands, or if I have to cut and splice the wire back together. Will upload a pic in a few minutes.

I would just slip a bit of adhesive lined shrink over it, I wouldn’t solder the strands, that could cause breakage down the line

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Couldn’t the broken strands cause current problems though?

Not if they’re in contact with the rest of the strands

Is it the winding strands or phase lead strands? If they are different

The wire from the motor to ESC

I would snip them and replace with silicone wire

Is that silicone? I can’t tell

Shouldnt be much of a problem. Just put some shrink tube over it

Edit: Are your phase leads aluminium or copper?

I think it’s silicone, it’s a TB motor.

Yeah then if it’s silicone already just adhesive lined shrink over it.

If it was the winding wire all the way to the connector I would suggest replacing with silicone.

Yea, but inside. Which color has the metal?

It’s tinned copper

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If you have it, brush polyurethane conformal coating on it and wait 24 hours. Repeat that five times.

If you don’t have that on-hand, do what @scepterr said

Wait a week to ride? Really? Lol


I’m used to having multiple boards; I forgot. My bad


I had the same problem. I just soldered a tiny bit to connect broken wires and put heatshrink. 10 minute fix…