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Best way to get rid of deck graphics and repaint?

I got my deck recently, and I’m just not loving the graphics on the back, and I want them removed. I heard that if I do sand it or something It’ll lose some protective layer, just heard from somewhere, not 100% sure. But I either want a black matte deck, plain stock wood look, or carbon fibre (which I could just lay a sheet over) but not sure how to go about it.

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If the top layer of your board is not fibre you can sand it if you repaint it.
this will waterproof it again.

If it is fibre, cou cant without damaging the fibers

Would it be safe to use paint remover?

On fibre yes, on pure wood i would not do it.

How do I determine if it’s fibre or not? It’s made out of maplewood

normally you can see it if there is fibre.

Jet Revolver deck.


Just use paint stripper.
I stripped my Dervish no problem.

I used paint stripper on my Bustin pro. It has a fiberglass layer just under paint. I hate graphics.

Use gloves, a few fiber glass strands may move or loosen, and those splinters suuuuuuuck.

Deck integrity is fine.

I just used a regular sheet sander from Home Depot for my Jet Tomahawk, 3-4 coats of primer/glossy paint and 3-4 coats of spray polyurethane. This has held up nicely in a lot of harsh winter conditions and abuse.


I’ve repainted a few decks. After you remove most of the original paint, the main thing is to ruff up the surface enough for the paint to stick and make sure you smooth out any ridges from the original graphics so they don’t show through.

You can use a chemical stripper if you don’t mind fumes. It can help to take a razor knife/box cutter and make lateral cuts through the finish before you apply the stripper. The stripper gets better penetration. If you are going for a repaint, you really don’t need to strip the finish. Roughing it to 220 grit will give you all the adhesion you need. If you are using an opaque paint like black, It would be far easier to use a random orbital sander with a 220 pad to get it smoothed out and rough enough to take a finish. This will make it a lot easier for the paint to adhere as you will be using the old finish as a “primer”, so to speak. Make 100% certain that you clear all dust and crap off of the piece with a tack cloth (or just a damp rag) before painting. The difference between a pro finish and a hack job is all in the prep and details. :wink:

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Mineral spirits removed the graphics from my deck. I liked the plain wood look so I kept it.

So, would I use paint remover and then scrape it all off, then sand it up to make it rough?]

I want a really clean and smooth looking matte black finish like in this picture:

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honestly your best bet could be just going into your hardware store and asking them. Less time waiting for answers, and they can pull the items for you too. The Ace Hardware in the town I grew up in had two older guys that I swear knew absolutely everything regarding our home renovation projects.

I just hit mine with an orbital sander. Takes no time to get the graphic off

Mineral spirits or thinner will also get rid of the remaining sticky gunk after grip tape removal. I plan on painting it white and putting some clear grip tape on top.

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