Best way to lock up your board while on the move?

I plan on using my board daily to get to school and back. What is the best way to secure your board while you’re not by its side? I thought about using a bike chain lock but it’s way too easy to simply unscrew the trucks and snatch the board. If i don’t find a way, it’s not worth me buying it in the first place. That’s my situation…

Any ideas?

Thanks, Cal

Try drilling a wide enough hole on your board to allow for a bike lock to fit through. Ideally for one of those large chain locks. That way if anybody tries to steal your board, they would be required to saw through the board.

note- make sure you don’t drill the hole too close to the edge of the board as it could snap while riding

something like this (obviously you will drill a more circular/suitable hole but you get the idea):

What about the Motors, Escs and Lipos?

I would say that a lot of us keep our boards with us at all times. Is there a room like the school reception/office or a friendly electronics teacher that would let you keep your board in their room during school hours? Otherwise perhaps find a theft proof kids Snowboard bag and then bike lock that?

thats a risk you’ll have to convince yourself to take, the only way to completely prevent the board and/or its parts from being stole is to (A) lock it all up in a box, then lock the box with a bike lock or (B) unassemble the board every time you ride haha (obviously both are inconvenient and impractical)

but I would recommend keeping the board with you as often as possible, or ask your teachers to store it during classes (what Luke said)

You know, that’s not a terrible idea. In fact, that’s a great idea. I could bring a screw driver with me to school, then put the trucks in my school bag, perhaps inside a box to prevent damage. But then i would be left with the VESC and the lipos, two of the most expensive parts.

Edit- nevermind, just forgot that the motor is soldered LOL

What if i bought special screws that come with a special screwdriver, something that a thief wouldn’t be able to get his hands on. Though i’m not sure if they even exist

You could use one of these bike alarms. Alarm goes of when someone tries to move it.

And alert the whole school?!!

Thanks for the input though…

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On second thought, if i can get one with a remote control to stop the alarm from inside the school, this may be a good idea. It would need to be really freakin loud though. The place where i would keep it locked is about 250 meters away from the school. Ideally as loud as a car alarm…

Actually, just watched this video: This would be great. Thanks for your help.

Why would you wanna stop the alarm from inside the school ? What if it does get stolen ? Don’t u wanna go check out u board or chase it ?

You could also put a GPS tracker on it to track it if it does get stolen.

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Im thinking of installing a GPS tracker to my board, do you recommend any type in particular? It would be useful if the lightbug tracker was available to purchase

I normally keep my board with me or at work its safe to leave it where ever. When i take the board to school i leave it in my locker because it fits. When i leave it in public (like at a bike rack) i use a d shaped lock and run it through the deck. All my components are screwed down or in a encloser. All scews and bolts have locktite red so have fun with your screw driver. Plus i don’t leave it locked up for long.

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Is locktite red that strong? I’ve never used locktite before.

They claim its permeant, but just hit it with a tour h for a sec or two and its loose.

Says it can be easily undone with medium strength hand tools (:

Thats the ble stuff you need the red.

I cant find the red version in the uk

Raptor has a handle on it so I suppose it could be lcked up through that. Or you could put a handle on your board to enable lockng. Personally I wouldnt leave it out of sight. Though I dont think that many ppl would know if it were an Eboard unless they looked closely. The things are dam heavy, so youd be able to chase them down if soneone tried to carry it away.