Best way to remove threaded inserts without damaging them?

Trying to remove these: image

Any tips? There’s no place for a flathead screwdriver like I’ve seen on other threaded inserts. I want to save and reuse them. Also what would you guys recommend for filling the holes after removing them? Epoxy? Wood filler?


screw a bolt into it and pull/push it out with the bolt

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It would take a shit load of strength

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Yeah, maybe I’ll try screwing it all the way through and when it gets to the head just keep screwing until it gets through the other side

Assuming they are threaded ( they may be held in place with epoxy) - To remove them use some strong super glue on the bolt and screw the bolt into the insert then wait for the glue to cure and slowly turn the bolt counter clockwise. use heat to remove the bolt from the insert.

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use the strongest loctite, that’ll do it

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Screw a bolt into it using JB Weld 8265-S as thread locker. Wait 55 hours. Unscrew the threaded insert using the bolt.

Of course, you won’t be able to use the insert any more…


What everyone else said but you can use epoxy and sawdust or wood filler most threaded inserts are a single time use. Those are more than likely a single use insert. Inserts are cheap so just get more from amazon and you will ready to go.


Alright thanks man! Do you think this would be good for filling the holes? Or should I use something more flexible because this dries very hard.

Are those threaded on the outside? If so, screw one bolt on the top and one at the bottom, meet the screw tips halfways and tight them good, then unscrew the top one while screwing the bottom one at unison.

If the inserts are not threaded on the outside, screw a bolt on the bottom and just hammer it down


Yeah what @Eboosted said.

Took a while to find it again but here’s the bible on threaded inserts:


Thanks guys! I’ll give this a shot tomorrow

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That is a putty you would not be able to really fill the hole. This would be better.

but you can also use saw dust and epoxy to fill the hole.

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apparently the inserts with the slot are meant to go in the hole slot first, anyone know why? seems counterintuitive

I think it’s supposed to be for cutting threads into the wood, although not sure how much that’s needed.

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Does it matter what kind of epoxy with sawdust? I have a strong plastic epoxy but don’t know if it works on wood.

Not sure on it I have done it with wood glue and sawdust. I would think you standard 5 minute epoxy epoxy would work.

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Bringing this back from the dead ish. What would one do if the threads are stripped? I need to replace 2 of mine :man_facepalming:

Do they have the slot at the top or bottom. How stripped is the insert cause you could probably put epoxy on a screw and thread it until it wont go any more and let it cure.

No slot. It’s these.