Bestech 12S 80/20A splitting to save space

Is there any reason not to spilt the two pcb so I can half the thickness of this bms? It doesn’t look like the lower pcb has any connection to the cooling fins or need to be mounted in this orientation. I want to half the thickness to mount it on top of my battery. Got capton tape and fishpaper to insulate it towards the battery. I will wire up the pins that are today connecting the two pcbs.


As i know only maybe like 10 pins are holding the pcb together and those could be easily replaced with wires its only 25mm high its not that much only like 5mm taller than the battery

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ask Alberto (@fottaz) from I think he does that with his packs.



I don’t have space to have it behind the battery but I think there is enough room to place it on top of my battery pack if I split it.

Maybe @fottaz has some pics or info about how it’s done :wink:


Could always go with a discharge only Bms. Then you wouldn’t limit yourself and you get a smaller bms

It fit perfect when splitting it in half. Wires are just temp hooked up to test the bms hence the lenght ^^


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Well done! Cool idea : ) I hope it works without any problems (insulate everything well!!)

I first used kapton tape and then two layers of fish paper on the bottom. Battery is also fully wrapped with fish paper. Might stick some silicone and “glue” the fish papers also to stabilize it some. I don’t have experience in building Ebords but I work with control systems/plc and have huge respect for batteries. If anyone see something stupid here please shout out so I can catch it before I’m done.

I do lack shrinkwrap so will have to either tape it for now or wait for wrap to arrive so I can complete it.

Do I really have to fix everything to the board? I’m tempted to build it into the enclosure for easier servicing it…

My lipo batteries just hang in an enclosure but it’s bolted on with 6 screws and esc is in a separate enclosure with the receiver and Bluetooth module and that is bolted on with 4 screws. For the battery enclosure I made the material (printed plastic) much thicker around the nut traps that it’s held on with so they would stop cracking.

Basically the more mass you have hanging the more force you’ll be putting on the bolts holding the enclosure on and more importantly that will create stress on the enclosure itself where the bolts hold it to the board.

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I split my bms in half by removing the spacers and bending the small pins

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make sure to isolate the shit out of the bms and battery if its on top

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Yeah I learnt by you I think :smile: :grin:

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