Bestech BMS (10S)

Buying a 10s BMS from bestech, the model I’ve heard to be their best/the best. However they have a Minimum Order Quantity of 2. Anybody want in? I would order them both, then sell the second to someone for $40, I will cover S&H. PM Me!

Edit- Bestech is charging me $40 each prior to tax.

80A is too much for me as I won’t wire discharge but I know that “BatterySupport” has a shop on ebay (and no minimum quantity thus), so maybe it is the same for Bestech ?

I am placing an order for smaller-discharge ones like the D190. I’m already ordering some extras but if you’re on the west side of The Pond and you might want some, speak up. Not a group buy, I’m just going to order a number of extra ones and they will be sold here. Looks like OP is placing an order for the big-discharge ones.

I’m interested in 10s and 12s discharge only ones. Let me know

Does that include the link I provided?

I might be interested in a 10s 80a bms.

I have a 10s discharge only bms . That I am not using.

Pm me, I live in Colorado (80108) and if you are interested I would order the two tonight. Upon arrival I will ship out the second one to you either the day that I receive or the day afterwards. Like I said, $40 is what I am paying for each ($80 total) and I would ship to you for free after receiving the $40. According to Namasaki and mmaner in this thread ( These are the best available.

@JLabs Has these on his site ( for $48 with no minimum order! Also, bestech does charge a good bit for shipping because its coming from China…$7 flat rate from JLabs.

Do you have any experience with this one? I see that the continuous charging rate in 4A as opposed to the one from bestechs 20A? @JLabs, any insight on how well this would work with 5x 2s 5000mah batteries?

The BMS you linked in the first post is the exact same as the one on his site.

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I’m still in the process of building my first board, but I’ve seen alot of builds on here that use this exact BMS and haven’t seen any failures or complaints yet!

Cool, Think I am just going to do that. Thanks!

@Itsmedant thanks for the shout!! :blush:

@Caydenfish thanks for the support, I will get that shipped tomorrow for you :slight_smile:

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