Bestech BMS 12S 80A shuts down below 60%

Wanted to measure max distance, but when I hit 60% BMS stops working, no power anymore. Pull throttle, motor spins for a sec than VESC flashes red and shots down. When I came home, I found out that the problem with bms, bc VESC doesn’t get any voltage. But once it fully charged everything is okey and smooth. Have anyone faced this problemo?:face_with_monocle:12s_LiPo_Datsheet-2

Is it a new pack? Maybe one p group is out of balance or has a bad cell and your bms cut off because voltage goes down too much.

yes, that’s can be a problem, bc I replaced 2 pacs and didn’t check voltage.(

Than that is what i world do first. Check the voltage of each pack and in case they too far out of each other bring them up to the same voltage and look if it still happens.


u r my hero​:kissing_heart::heart: