Bestech BMS: How to charge only 90% of battery?

Does anybody knows how to make BMS charge the battery until 90% and discharge until 20%? 12s_LiPo_Datsheet-2 Thank you!

when it charges to 90% it means one of your p groups is outta balance and the bms cant correct it

^one of the only ways to make it charge to 90% :rofl:

Mine works good, and charges up to 100%, but I want to limit it to make it safe

i thought that i thought the over charge relase voltage is only for when the cell goes over 4.25v

my bestech d124 even after charging stays at 41.9v

limit it via your charger if it can do it

Nvm I read the question wrong.

Edit: the topic title was misleading, so I changed it.

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me too at first but then i turned it into a joke :wink:

You can either get an adjustable charger, or step down your charger voltage to 90% charge voltage with a buck converter.

thanks, sounds like a lot of work😂 Gonna wait until my cells are going to die, and only then I will build new setup)

so you can in theory get a little bit of charge from a 9s charger if you had 10s?

^in a emergency situation

I have 12s Lipo and 50v 1 amp charger. And using 12s 80amp bms

Yes but it will only charge up to 9S voltage. I borrowed a 10S 6A charger for my 12S during a groupride so I can have more and range.

Gotta make sure that your battery is already lower than the voltage of the charger you are plugging in, so you don’t risk breaking your charger if you charger doesn’t have reverse current protection.

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lol :rofl: welp you learn something evey day

what would happen if your battery voltage was higher than the charger

like… nvm answered

i was just about to ask that :rofl:

Does anyone know about using a lower voltage charger for a pack? I accidentally grabbed my 10s charger for my 12s pack one day, no hard done, but this would be a really good way to to 100% charge and get to storage voltage.

Realistically I dont think it should do anything, but im not an EE or a battery connoisseur.

This is not the proper solution. If you just charge at a lower voltage, the BMS will never start balancing the cells. You either ask the factory if they can adjust the BMS or get a different BMS.

You right. I think if you order directly from Bestech, you can specify what spec you want your BMS made.

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