Bestech BMS problems (Really Need HELP) (HCX-D596LI10S80A-04)

I recently got a Bestech BMS and everything was wired in fine and switched on with no problems. It was OK when charging with nothing going wrong. I connected my vesc up to my Computer and powered it on. In the bottom left of VESC tool you can test your motor and so i told the vesc to spin the motor with 5.5A.

It was then when my bms started to smoke. With a component Labelled R120 burning up. 37

When wiring my board up i followed this diagram: 738b1c62-53bb-4370-839f-8d9c6dc5a9a1

Do you guys/girls think it is my fault or a faulty BMS. I have emailed LiTech Power as they are the distributors of Bestech from which I ordered it from.

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if you plugged everything in and nothing went up in smoke then your wirings fine. From then on there shouldn’t be an issue. maybe contact Lucy at [email protected] and see what she has to say about it. that ain’t right


thanks, i will email her now. :+1:

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Bumpety bump. Anybody else have any ideas. Lucy from bestech is on holiday. :confused:

You will need to order a new one. I have 3 broken bestechpower BMS’s laying and they don’t want to replace it. It was broken from the beginning.

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That sucks. This is my second BMS! Where do you get yours from?

Just get another one from litechpower

I would recommend going with a charge only bms as I have gone thru the same with Lucy they dont want to replace even after I went thru all their instructions on fixing it

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Most people don’t want to deal with antisparks

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Same thing here, selling me new bms is no problem for them but helping me out with a broken one is a problem :sweat_smile:

Btw: also never order the HCX-D336. They advertise it with e switch. But the e switch don’t works. It’s a problem with that model or something. I had also 4 from those (2 different batches).

I don’t want to have to spend another 50 pounds. I’ll end up spending over 100 on them. I’m going to try and sort it out with Litech

The eswitch worked perfectly on mine. That is not what happened it was when I tried powering the motor.

Why is the 12V 3A step-down in the circuit? Do you have photos of how it’s wired?


The step down circuit is for the led light on the switch that lights up when I switch it on.

I would remove that from the circuit for any troubleshooting.

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Ok. What do you mean by troubleshooting. The BMS no longer works so I cannot change anything.

Why do you think the step down converter is the problem?

I’m not sure why it’s even there. You can run an LED from any voltage, you just need to limit the current with a resistor. The amount of resistance you need will depend on the voltage and the specific LED.


the switch takes an input of 12v for the led. therefore my 10s pack would be too high for the led. the step down is just an easy way to power it. why do you think its a problem?

I don’t know if it is or isn’t a problem, and since there are no photos of the way it’s wired, I don’t know. I offered my advice

thanks for your help, its a mess, but here is my wiring: 30