Bestech BMS switch- necessary to wire?


Just got a delivery of my BMS 10s Beatech 80A.

I have vedder anti spark switch which works amazing.

Do I have to wire switch on this BMS to have it working ? Or can I just have wires disconnected as they are and use my existing switch? I’m not sure if switch on BMS is currently on… and I can use it as it came. Otwerise I think they would add a switch by default like a balancing cable which came in the box.


Which model?

@willpark16 I’ve seen remarks about switch but it isint clear to me

U don’t need the eswitch for that

Ohh cos remarks of "switch must be on during charging and discharging " threw me off. Have you got one of those BMS yourself?

Yea actually in the lab rn and it’s 2 feet away from me

Lol! So I’ll connect it as on their diagram and should work fine without switch being in on position? I don’t have to solder switch wires together ? I’m just making sure as I don’t want to burn it on fist day :smiley:


Cool! Thanks !

Ok. I’m still confused. Sorry to butt in. I have the same bms and still trying to get my head wrapped around the e switch situation. What are you doing with those wires then? I was led to believe that the e switch would nullify the need for a Vedder switch or similar Sps switch. Please help me out. :pray: Do i need a vedder sw if i use it? Can i ignore this wires and use a Vedder instead? This is consuming me right now. Haha

The switch on the Bestech BMS is not a +/-, it simply closes or opens a circuit to turn on the BMS. If you dont want to use it, just solder the ends together and its always on. Then use a Vede Anti-Spark switch right after the battery pack.


Thank you. Would it not be recommended to use this as the boards on/off switch? I thought I saw a thread where they did that…

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Its what I normally use, the BMS that is. Lots of people like the pretty light up switch on vedder switches :slight_smile:.

Cool, thanks @mmaner! I think I’ll go for a retro car switch maybe. Give it a night rider feel…

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@MontPierre @Multiple_Scoregasm The E-Switch has to be on when discharging or else you will have no output from the bms.

The E-Switch has to be on during charging or else the battery won’t charge.

The E- switch doubles as a reset switch in the event a protection circuit is tripped. So if you hard wire the switch on, you’ll have to pull the enclosure and seperate the wires to reset the bms.

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Ok perfect t that what i needed to know. Clearly using the e switch as my on/off is a no brainer. Thanks for the additional info @Namasaki. Now to pick a switch… :thinking:

Get a latching LED switch - some are water proof.

This is what I have and it will go perfectly with my black enclosure :wink:

I’m getting rid of my vedder antispark- just takes too much precious space in the enclosure.

Here is wiring diagram to get switch LED working. Just need to calculate a resistor.

Waterproof and dust proof would be ideal. Thanks for the suggestions and wiring help.

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Nice switch. But wouldn’t be better to find a switch with a 5v led insted of 12/24v. So the led could be powered from the 5v output on the VESC.

This one has 6/12/24 voltage rating - for switch itself. I’ll test it and see how bright it is under 5V from vesc and then I’ll know. I might need to add resistor to limit current to led.

I could not find any 5V that I liked. 6V will be fine :wink: