BESTECH BMS very very very very very expensive

hello guys I just asked for a quotation at bestech: I have 2 builds, one with 12s (2x 6S in series) battery pack and one with 6S configuration.

What would’ve worked for me was one 12s-BMS + one 6s-BMS or 3 6S-BMS. Most likely the latter one, since the 2 minumum order quantity at bestech.

I’ve got the quotation, here screenshooted immagine

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TO EXPENSIVE !!! 70$ each ??? also they asked for 70$ shipping…

have you guys any alternative?

what do you think about these ones here ? They’re also available in 12s and 6s

type A

type B

High discharge BMS with passive cooling, On/off and balancing under 100 bucks? I’d say its a bargain.


I’d have to agree. Great deal!

Don’t forget it’s got a switch already added, this means you won’t need a $40 eswitch


If it’s too expensive for you, maybe get one with low discharge rating and bypass it. And use a loop key instead of an e-switch. It’s a common practice.

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Yeah, you’re all right

But thing is that the whole cost is too much for my wallet with they’re minimum quantity policy.

I guess I’ll ask for a low discharging type. Let’s see…

Anyway, what do you think of the posted alternatives?

Bestech D140 is popular and cheap.


I spoke to Jared (the guy’s name if I recall well), he said they’re out of stock and he’s not restocking any time soon

Go to litechpower, they don’t have a minimum and it’s a authorized bestech dealer

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i think you will end up talking to the same people

I asked, let’s see…

You make my day!

If you want the best quality parts you have to pay more than cheap ebay/aliexpress parts. That’s how life goes…


i just got a box full of d140:


You’re absolutely right, that’s why I asked them. But it depends if you can afford such quality… Maybe I don’t :slight_smile:

Of course I would buy a bestech!

Remember buy cheap but twice

**Terms ans conditions apply.

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this may not be the time and place to mention but since it’s bms related, i’ll vent a little.

bestech is by far the best source for bms’ right now.

having said that, they’re not perfect - not even close.

i recently got two bad modules. one had a slow drain on cell 10…meaning when bms connected and battery not connected to anything, cell 10 was draining by about 0.1v per day.

another bms burned up during charge - straight up defective unit.

contact bestech, explain what’s happening, get a refund on the slow drain one. then they refuse refund on burned up one because they insist my connection is wrong. without too many details, it’s the same connection i’ve been using on all builds without a single issue. verify connection with a number of people…nothing wrong with the installation.

anyway, i get they’d want to protect themselves but i was being given straight up false information to avoid a refund.

so…that happened.


I had the exact same thing happen on the BMS I purchased from you. It draned one sell completely dead. I’ve since replaced it with a different BMS. (Same model) and it’s working perfect.

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Geez sorry about that. These bms are not perfect, i can see why some people opt to not use them…

I test all my packs, luckily issues are being caught early


thanks, it could be an option.

But I’m first trying to get a BMS with discharging capability

So guys, I contacted litechpower asking for

  • 6s, 80A max discharge, 3A charging, with e-switch
  • 12s, 80A max discharge, 3A charging, with e-switch

and they sent me these two

specs are good, even with charging current overdesigned for me

there isn’t a minimum order quantity policy so the price you see is final and they have these two shipping methods to Italy (so to Europe I guess,…)

  • Logistics(TNT/UPS/DHL/FedEx EMS 5-8 business days) :$47
  • Logistics(China postal EUB 10-25 business days) :$14.10

Everything looks fine to me, they just don’t seem bestech products. Or are they?

what do you guys think?