Bestech BMS won't charge (HCX-D596LI10S80A-04)

Got the BMS, but I have some trouble getting it to work properly.

I have wired it accordingly to the diagram (

When I connect the balance plug, it get’s extremely warm in the area with the switch/temperature connectors. It randomly charges for some seconds.

If I then press my fingers on the connectors for the e-switch and the temperature sensor it’s charing as long as I hold my fingers there.

You can watch a video here:

Attaching some photos as well.

Any ideas?

PNG IMG_9621%20(1)

are you charging with the BMS turned on (i.e. the e-switch is in the closed position)?

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As @DavidBanner said, the bms needs to be turned on for charging, and for the bms to be turned on the 2 white wires needs to be shorted

^this is usually done with a latched switch but you could also just solder the two wires together.

Yes, the two wires are connected.

There is actually no difference if they are connected or not. It starts to charge when i put my fingers on the 4 solder point’s on the bottom, but the area is so warm that I cannot hold for a ling time :frowning: