Bestech D140 12S for lipos

Hi, looking for a new Bestech D140 12S BMS for lipos. I am located in Sydney, Aus.


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you need it for charge only?

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Yeah charge only

So LiIon would be fine as well :sweat_smile: I might have one left over if interested.

How much :slight_smile: ?

I don’t remember the original price, but something like 25€ plus shipping would be nice (shipping shouldn’t be more than 10€) Still packed like new. image image

Sorry but that’s not much cheaper than just getting it straight from the sellers like

And why would it be “much” cheaper? It’s a brand new item? These are things that people keep in their drawers just in case. No point giving them away when you might need them one day…

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I‘m cool with that. No need for me to sell it, just offered in case.

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Ah didnt realise that. Just thought people reacted to get rid of it. But in that way its a nice thing to offer to sell :slight_smile:. @Andy87


Is that the Bestech D140 for 12s? Is it rated for 15A?

Yes and yes. It’s this one

Setup for charge only.

Ok, I am cool with that if the shipping isn’t exorbitantly more than that. How do we proceed?

You mean me? :sweat_smile: if yes, you need to answer on my comment or tag me, if no I don’t get a notification. Sent me a pm @anon42702729 with your address and the rest we manage than there.

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