BesTechPower BMSes - Setting Factory Parameters

People! I need help with setting the parameters of my BMSes for my build. I am building 6S LiFePo4 board, but want to convert it soon to 9S, so I am buying both 6S and 9S BMSes. I am also buying ones that are cheap and small - only for charging, and big ones - which are both for discharge and charge.

@Namasaki already started helping me, but now I am being asked to set the parameters soon, and I need help because I have no idea what I am doing… He said it is better to change the discharge voltage detection to 2.5 and same for discharge voltage release, cuz 2.0 is too low.

What happens if I get something wrong??? Will it be a wast of money? The most important thing for me is the charging… Do I need to give them the parameters for this too?

Any one here has experience with it and can continue helping me?

Thank you all!

##My Batteries Specs: Capacity: 4200mAh Voltage: 3S1P / 9.9v Discharge: 30C Constant / 40C Burst Max Charge Rate: 2C

##The BMSes I am buying: Big BMSes 9S:

Pasted image739x880 215 KB 6S (I think they wrote 5S on the data-sheet by mistake…):

Pasted image756x1000 252 KB Small BMSes Due to their sizes, I also bought two others, much smaller BMSes: 9S:

blob.jpg745x997 320 KB 6S:

Did u sort this out?

I think @PXSS likes to give advice on low voltage cut-off settings :wink:

Not sorted yet :slight_smile: I will try to ask him directly as well, thanks for the advise :thumbsup: