Better Raptor, practically brand new

My Enertion Raptor Dual has been away for repairs for a while now, but it’s being sent back to me this week. In Enertion style, it should come back better than it left me even if belated. I’m considering selling it, so LMK if your interested in buying. I’m in Houston, but would be willing to ship to the lower 48, insured of course.

It’ll have a brand new deck, new battery, new nano-X controller, and new dual VESC-X. It’ll also ship with a set of new trucks, not installed. As well as new dive gears and many extra belts, not installed. I have a normal and fast charger too. Also, it has about a year, or so, of warranty left as I purchased a transferable extended warranty that has been “on pause” while it’s been off for repairs.

This was one of the first Raptors produced originally, so it has the original, more expensive, carbon fiber drive gears (in addition to the more recent version, again, not installed).

For price, I don’t know… It’s practically brand new, has a warranty, and is much better than new in many ways. At the same time we’re, hopefully, about 3-4 months away from the Raptor 2, and have more choices than ever for boards. It’s hard for me to say what I’d be willing to take, so I’ll have you tell me what you’ll pay. If it’s a well thought out position, or reasoning, regarding price I’ll very likely consider it. The Enertion repair agent has agreed to be contacted by my buyer, if they’d like to verify any information.

The reason I’m thinking of getting rid of it is simply because I have so many (6) boards already, including a Raptor 2 on order and a Carbon GT. The Raptor 1, while a beast, just isn’t that different from my stable otherwise. Being as it is practically new at the moment I’m hoping it will be desirable to someone out there. Also, I live in Houston, with mostly crappy roads, sidewalks, and paths, so I’m on AT most of the time anyhow.


Still for sale?